About Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

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About Jasper for Jasper, Alberta and Area

When you want to know Jasper, Alberta

Overview of Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Jasper is located in the province of Alberta, Canada. Jasper lies in the middle of the Jasper National Park, and is a well known tourist resort town. Jasper is a wonderfully established town with the residents to reflect that. The Icefields Parkway can be found in Jasper,AB connecting Jasper to Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

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  • Population: 4 511
  • Latitude: 52°52?23.1?N
  • Longitude: 118°04?56.0?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Jasper, Alberta

Jasper was surveyed in the early 1930's and officially accessible from Edmonton if you were traveling by car. Jasper was then introduced to the Icefield Parkway which connected Jasper to Banff National Park, this would in turn promise great things for Jasper!

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Jasper's Demographics

Jasper Alberta, Canada has a petite population of 4 511. Jasper has a wide variety of French speaking individuals working and living along side the English speaking residents. Often visitors of Jasper wonder how such a tourist ridden town can have such a warm homey feeling. This reason is because almost one quarter of the population does not depend upon the tourist traffic for business which brings a smile to there faces when they see new, exciting, interesting people dropping by all year round.

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Jasper's Climate

The town of Jasper is a very interesting place to visit in terms of climate. The only month that it typically does not snow is July. The temperature in Jasper reaches its peek in July and it's minimum in January. Throughout the four seasons Jasper will take you outside into the wilderness and continue to amaze you with it's wildlife and scenery.

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Education in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper is home to three established educational facilities. Jasper elementary school which is run by the Grande Yellowhead Regional District and offers French immersion, Jasper Junior/High school which is strictly a English speaking school, and Ecole Desrochers which is a French speaking school.

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Transportation around Jasper, Alberta

Jasper holds a budget establishment where residents and visitors may rent a car to continue their travel around Jasper as they wish to do so.

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Tourism and Attractions of Jasper

Jasper, Alberta Canada has a wide span of tours and activities for visitors to take part in. Jasper offers guided tours through there terrain, raft tours on the Athabasca River, and helicopter rides for a unique experience of Jasper National Park and surrounding areas. For a more relaxing lifestyle check out the Mountain wellness Day Spa and be pampered with facials and massages.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Jasper

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Geography of Jasper, Alberta

Jasper falls in Jasper National Park, and is reasonably close to nearby towns and cities of Banff, and Edmonton.

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Jasper's Government

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Jasper's Economy and Industry

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Jasper's Culture and Significant Events

Jasper residents are interested in having as much fun with their visitors as possible. Some of the events that Jasper offers are Jasper in January, a very festive event which takes place in the last two weeks of January welcoming the new year. Jasper, Alberta, also offers, Spring Run Off, Jasper Children's Festival, Lobster Fest, and Canada Day festivities. Experience the lifestyles of a Jasper residents first hand and add another memory to your life.

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Sports in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper Alberta offers an array of skiing and snowboarding facilities, where visitors can learn with the professionals and hit the slopes in no time. Jasper also takes pride in there cross country team's and tournaments, such as the 10 km run through the town and surrounding areas.

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Media of Jasper

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